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Available in 4 types of stones: Honey Onyx, Statuario Marble, Nero Marquina Marble, and Travertine Marble, stone pedestal basins can be accommodated even in tight spaces. Sculpted works of art, these hand-made basins are created by master artisans to become the centerpieces of any powder room or dining area.

Item Code: 9054

Item MRP: 68,000

Item Code: 9060

Item MRP: 64,500

Item Code: 9096

Item MRP: 103,750

Item Code: 9097

Item MRP: 169,750

Item Code: 9065

Item MRP: 70,000

Stone Free-Standing Basins

Centaur – Honey Onyx Pedestal Basin

Item Code: 9025

Item MRP: 162,750

Stone Free-Standing Basins

Ego Gold – Honey Onyx Pedestal Basin

Item Code: 9068

Item MRP: 232,750

Item Code: 9067

Item MRP: 82,000

Item Code: 9069

Item MRP: 94,750

Item Code: 9070

Item MRP: 155,750

Item Code: 9057

Item MRP: 85,000

Item Code: 9051

Item MRP: 51,000

Marble Counter-Top Basins

Pop-Up Waste Coupling (Marble & Onyx)

Item Code: 1023

Item MRP: 4,000

Item Code: 9055

Item MRP: 65,000

Item Code: 9059

Item MRP: 64,000

Stone Free-Standing Basins

Venice – Honey Onyx Pedestal

Item Code: 9024

Item MRP: 45,75068,250

Item Code: 9063

Item MRP: 61,500


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