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Since washbasins are the most habitually used items in the bathroom, we aim to combine maximum functionality with unmatched design aesthetics to suit your interior design. Our latest washbasin collection is based on a theme of soft minimalism. Strong, simple lines are beautifully balanced by soft, sculptural edges.

Our White Ceramic washbasin collection spans over 100 designs which include table-mounted washbasins, wall-mounted washbasins, semi-counter washbasins, and under-counter washbasins. There are numerous shape and size options that open up limitless design scope, from compact city bathrooms to large villa bathrooms.

Item Code: 1607

Item MRP: 13,250

Item Code: 1526

Item MRP: 4,300

Item Code: 1744

Item MRP: 4,800

Item Code: 1900

Item MRP: 16,500

Item Code: 1904

Item MRP: 5,250

Item Code: 1906

Item MRP: 5,250

Item Code: 1907

Item MRP: 9,500

Item Code: 1902W - Glossy White

Item MRP: 8,750

Item Code: 1539

Item MRP: 5,400

Item Code: 1603

Item MRP: 4,200

Item Code: 1604

Item MRP: 3,600

Item Code: 1605

Item MRP: 5,100

Item Code: 1626

Item MRP: 5,200

Item Code: 1702

Item MRP: 14,500


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