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A wide selection of sizes and shapes are available in our Toilet collection: Round, oval, or rectangular. Rectangular/squarish toilets have a stylish contemporary vibe and are a popular choice. Round and oval toilets are more comfortable to sit on compared to rectangular/squarish toilets. We also have compact toilets which are perfect for the smallest of city bathrooms.

Premium toilets ensure maximum hygiene and minimize the effort needed to clean and look after them as a result of the innovative ‘Blind’ Installation feature. A ‘Rimless’ WC has a unique flushing system and its design effectively prevents dirt and deposits from accumulating inside the toilet bowl. A powerful new flushing system, the ‘Swirl Flush’ is optimized for effectively cleaning the toilet bowl.

Our Premium Toilet range has seat covers made of UF (Urea-Formaldehyde) which are high quality and scratch-resistant. UF seat covers are easy to clean and do not lose their shine even after years of use. All premium seat covers have a ‘Quick-Release‘ function and can easily be detached and reattached, which makes the process of deep cleaning the toilet very easy. All Aquant toilet seats are ‘Soft-Close‘, a practical and quiet alternative to traditional toilet seats.

Item Code: 1833 J

Item MRP: 25,000

Item Code: 1832 (Mini)

Item MRP: 18,500

Item Code: 1801

Item MRP: 13,750

Item Code: 1816W

Item MRP: 16,850

Item Code: 1820

Item MRP: 19,500

Item Code: 1823

Item MRP: 19,500

Item Code: 1819

Item MRP: 14,990


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