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With the trend for special finishes currently dominating bathroom design, Rose Gold is by far our best-loved faucet finish. Aquant’s unique Rose Gold tone adds just the right amount of depth and luxury to any space. Besides faucets and basic shower-sets in Rose Gold, we also offer Multi-Function Showers with flows such as rain, waterfall, & mist along with Body Jet options controlled by Thermostatic diverter systems.

Item Code: 2044RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 55,000

Item Code: 2037RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 92,500

Item Code: 2041RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 15,500

Item Code: 2042RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 21,500

Item Code: 2043RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 27,500

Item Code: 2096RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 41,250

Item Code: 3152RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 8,750

Item Code: 3155RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 4,950

Item Code: 3154RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 2,150

Item Code: 28121RG - Rose Gold

Item MRP: 6,000

Item Code: 2098RGA - Rose Gold Option A

Item MRP: 305,250

Item Code: 2098RGB - Rose Gold Option B

Item MRP: 313,250

Item Code: 2098RGC - Rose Gold Option C

Item MRP: 266,700

Item Code: 2045RG - Option A

Item MRP: 118,750

Item Code: 2045RG - Option B

Item MRP: 118,750

Item Code: 2099RG - Option A

Item MRP: 130,750


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