Aquant White Onyx Basin

Bianco Onyx (Italy)

This gorgeous White Onyx which is mined in Tuscany, Italy is one of the most luminescent available and is highly translucent. It is the rarest and most expensive natural material in our collection. Made with a beautiful onyx with a cloudy, contemplative mood, a Bianco Onyx Wash Basin offers its viewer enchanting pastel colors to calm the senses. A frequent selection in luxurious powder rooms & dining areas.

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Honey Onyx (Iran)

Honey Onyx imported from Iran offers a radiant and luxurious dimension to our stone basin assortment. Wash Basins made of Honey Onyx are characterized by warmth and incredible depth of color. This stone has a layered patterning that is translucent, luminous and very hard. Also available in Pedestal Basins, Honey Onyx can be backlit to create a dramatic effect.

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Aquant Honey Onyx Basin
Aquant White Marble Basin

Statuario Marble (Italy)

As global trends have moved towards white/grey colored natural stones, Statuario Marble is our latest addition. Quarried in the Apuan Alps of Italy, Statuario Marble is an exclusive stone with a pure white background and dramatic, gorgeous grey veining in a striking pattern. White marble wash basins are increasingly being specified by the design fraternity due to their subtle elegance and understated luxury.  

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Nero Marquina Marble (Spain)

This stunning marble is a high-quality black marble extracted from the region of Markina in the north of Spain. Thanks to the contrast between its brilliant and intense black color and the luminosity of its white veins, wash basins made from Nero Marquina marble are absolutely marvelous. Due to their genuine black color, wash basins in Nero Marquina marble are used in contrast with decors which feature white marbles such as Statuario & Carrara.

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Aquant Nero Marquina Marble Basins
Aquant Brown Marble Basin

Dark Emperador Marble (Spain)

This marble is extracted in the region of Murcia, in the south-east of Spain and has a dark to medium brown color with cobweb-like patterns of golden intersecting veins. These veins create a subtle, three-dimensional texture which gives wash basins made from Dark Emperador marble an intriguing depth in their appearance.

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Travertine Marble (Indonesia)

This beige/cream marble is the most stable natural stone material that we use for our range. Mined near Bali in Indonesia, the softness of the beige symbolizes tranquility, which is the essence of our stone products. Due to the material’s economic price point, wash basins made of Travertine Marble are perfect for projects with budget constraints.

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Aquant Cream Travertine Marble Basin
Aquant Riverstone Bali Wash Basin

Riverstone (Indonesia)

Riverstone is by far the heaviest and strongest material in our natural stone basin portfolio. Since Riverstone wash basins are hand-carved from naturally occurring stones, each basin has a unique shape and size. The preferred choice for projects with a natural rustic theme, wash basins in Riverstone are very economically priced.

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About Stone Basins

Natural Materials

Millions of years old, Marble & Onyx are some of history’s more elegant creations. We source our rare Marble & Onyx blocks from some of the world’s finest quarries in countries such as Italy, Spain and Iran. A natural stone block with unique characteristics is transformed to create a precious object which becomes the focal point of your bathroom or powder room.

Artisan Craftsmanship

Our stone basins are produced in the spiritual destination of Bali. At our artisanal workshops in Bali, the process of crafting each basin begins with single blocks of natural stone which are hand-crafted by highly skilled artisans using primordial sculplutral techniques to create truly unique wash basins, each with a distinct set of material characteristics.

Product Warranty

Our stone basins are made using high-quality raw materials and go through stringent Quality Control processes. We guarantee that our stone basin products shall be free from defects in workmanship when used properly and normally for a period of five (5) years from the date of original purchase. We either repair or replace defective products.


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